Volkswagen Beetle

I Always heard that if you can drive a Beetle, then you can any other car, a kind of jargon a kung-fu, little grasshopper. That's because the Beetle is like your first girlfriend, you discover a world of things, you feel important and like her, even though you'll probably exchange she by a better model some day.
But you can see some logic if you think that the Beetle is still one of the best investments as a car to buy:
Cost: By itself the Beetle is already devalued. If you buy a Volkswagen Beetle for $3,000, you'll probably sell it by the same amount.
Maintenance: If you open the hood of a new car will soon see a cap full of crude circuits. Stir there is impossible without those devices that use electronics workshops. With the Beetle doesn't... It's all there. Gears, belts, pistons, carburetor... All parts visible and easy to fit. All kind of intuitive and Do-It-Yourself. And a little piece of wire repairs 60% of problems on a Volkswagen Beetle.

Security: "Someone stole my Volkswagen Beetle!" - Let's agree that this is hardly a phrase that we'll hear some day. Nobody steals a Beetle! Nobody takes your Beetle to practice assaults. Beetle doesn't run and is hard to drive!
Accidents: Who here has heard of a VW Beetle that went straight into a curve and went into a house killing seven people? Well... Not even Herbie Would do it. The most you'll get is to knead the body shop for another car, do a bruise on someone's leg or scratch the paint of some wall of a house.

Basically nobody would need a super-car to get around or to your destination. Take the time, drive with patience and calm and enjoy the landscape. You'll get where you want to. The Beetle is ideal for this!

After a week and a half at the workshop I got my car. Unfortunately there's something strange about the light sensor of the doors. The light of the clock and mileage are getting lit all the time, even with the engine off, the alarm is giving three bips, instead of two signals to be activated and the internal light is staying on even with the doors closed, so I have to shift it on off position all the time. I'm with no patience to go to workshop now to fix it.


  1. Maybe your car is haunted. My mother's is. We don't know by what though.


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