Abstract Painting

Forgive me the painters. I don't want, anyhow, to disparage them or diminish their art and their work. What I will post simply shows that I have no knowledge of abstract art (or any other paiting style). I have always found that those who painted an Abstract painting, for the most part, were people who didn't know how to paint. For example, in 1923, Kazimir Malevich painted "Black Square". Damn it! A black square, nothing more then this... Exposed in the Russian Museum.
Of course, there is a whole history and technique involved in this school, besides to its strands, which I know nothing. As well as there are also beautiful abstract pictures that I could never paint something even close, like the abstracts of Wassily Kandinsky, Albert Gleizes and Arthur Dove. I also have an uncle who has already ventured into this world:
So I decided to venture myself into this world and show all my lack of technique and artistic vein for painting. My first (and perhaps only) picture:
I used all my ogre technique to produce it, using burnt-out engine oil, tap water, and a paintbrush used to do walls of speckled cement. Still this, some people said that this picture was about something sad, distressing. I confess that I painted it in a moment more or less thus, making me believe that really, there is unconscious feeling in the abstract paintings. Anyway, I still don't know what feeling is in the "Black Square". I decided to name this painting "Oil Over Blood".


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