Too much work... So few sleep!

Since the year had begun I haven't been sleeping very well. I lay down, turn one side, turn another side, and only late at dawn I can sleep. And suddenly I have to get up to work. Even in the weekends I haven't been sleeping enough. This, somehow (or very how), has been affecting my productivity at work and even in my personal tasks.
Searching for the reasons for haven't been sleeping well, the overworking fitted perfectly. The beginning of this year was quite agitated, and has been being since then. When you get home and turn on your laptop, even for personal tasks, it leads your brain in intense activity when you lay down on bed.
A research at the American Journal of Epidemiology showed that a group of person that used to work over 55 hours a week had had worst performance on the tests results, then the group which used to work around 40 hours a week. The tests evaluated verbal memory and skills, fluid intelligence (associated with short-term memory, abstract thinking, creativity, and problem solving), and crystallized intelligence (learning accumulated over the life span in education, work, and cultural experiences). This last one even keep growing until the 60's or 70's years old, and only starts to decrease starting from 80's.
Have notice that when I speak about overworking I'm not talking about only your job by itself. Understand that overworking is also the tasks that you do when you get in your home (or somewhere out of work place). Turn on your laptop for personal stuffs, for example, when you arrive at your home, can contribute in the increasing of your week working hours.
To take the prove in this last Wednesday I resolved to, arriving home, I wouldn't turn on my laptop or TV. I took a shower, had my dinner, put on my pajamas and gone to bed. I put a Classical Music radio station and read a book. My dog laid down by my side and near 20:30 I just turned off. Slept. I woke up  in the other morning totally renewed, in ecstasies, "Good Morning Sun" and "Tinny Kisses of Light". In that day I got a better food, had more energy and even I got a better mood - those who knows me, knows how surreal it is!
So, even being necessary you do overworking sometimes, having more the 48 working hours a week, when you start to feel very tired, not getting a good sleep night, try this. Disconnect of everything that is your normal routine. Disconnect by yourself, with only your dog, with your friends or your partner. Just be abstracted of everything that reminds your routine and have a good night!


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