Civic and Moral Edication... Why did you go away?

I was about to wait a little more to post this, because I was looking for my old school evaluations rates, but as today is Teachers Day (at least here in Brazil) I post this kind of testimonial to those, that in a kind of way gave so much contribution to our ethic and moral formation.
At the end of the 80's, when I still studied at São Bento School from Olinda, we still could find in our program a subject which I, particularly, can't understand why it was took away: Civic and Moral education. The subject was introduced as mandatory during the Military Regime. The subject treated questions related to the society. The strengthening of national unity and sense of human solidarity, the improvement of character, the moral support, dedication to family and community and the preparation of citizens for the exercise of civic activities on the basis of morality, patriotism and constructive action, for the common good. In the year of 1998 was abolished from the PCN (National Standard Program), indeed, ethics, solidarity and social contribution are superfluous things and not a part of the subjects to the University entrance exams.
I'm not saying that lack of this subject in current school program has as consequence a society based on futile values and degraded. Much of this comes from the family values ??and even religious values ??and teachings. I'm not trying to evangelize or convert anyone here. Just observed it all through my evolution among three messy decades that I have passed.
The extinction of the subject doesn't mean the end of the community values, but at least, it was something. Little things that go currently unnoticed from teachings from parents to their children. Parents who don't teach children to don't throw garbage on streets. Don't teach their children to respect their teachers and older. Parents who don't accompany children studyies and leave the TV and internet build their education. And parents who don't teach to save resources, water and to recycle. Perhaps isn't their fault, because they hadn't access to those teachings and be able to pass them on.
However surprises me (and disappoint me) to see people whose should be example of moral and ethic, being embezzling, stealing resources, facilitating illicit things and stomping people. But, so what? The people itself, electors, choose them to their representation! So, why to conscience people about the importance of their vote? Which are the values that the children of those politicians are learning? Who cares?
Lucky for us that not everything is lost. There are still people in the command which insists on moral and ethic values as the basis of a just and dignified society for all citizens. People like Mr. Joaquim Barbosa, Minister of the Supreme Court, and the General Attorney of the Republic, Mr. Rodrigo Janot whose defends the prison for those involved in the Brazilian corruption scandal called "mensalão" that presented court appeals merely with the purpose to postponing the final decision.
Maybe they had good evaluations on this discipline...


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