Peço desculpas pelo longo período de inatividade. Estive ocupado - bastante - esses dias. Esse é meu primeiro video-post. Claro que não chega nem perto do video de Peggy McKee nessa página, mas quis passar aqui um pouco de como aproveitar a internet para fazer uma busca por emprego adaptado ao Brasil. Um emprego que esteja dentro do seu perfil e naquela empresa que você sempre sonhou em trabalhar. Espero que vala à pena! A visualização aqui ficou bastante reduzida na parte das páginas, então recomendo visualizá-lo em tela cheia =P

I'm sorry about this long time without posting. I have been busy - very - those days. Ok, that's my first video post. Sure it's get even closer to the Peggy McKee video posted here, but I want to show here a little about how to get advantage from the internet to search a job. A job that fits in your profile and at that place that you always dreamt to work for. Hope you enjoy it!


  1. Job searching. Good luck. I'm an artist, I have decided, so I am more or less unemployed. What I skipped was the first of three classes on how to do psychology research. Basically I was going to fail the class no matter what- the professor was interested in himself and the instruction I got from the teaching assistant was either very intrusive about my personal life or similar to the instruction in the Monty Python sketch "How To Do It". I would have been late for the game had I gone to the exam, and had I been passing I would have. However I was going to fail no matter what I did, so I decided to avoid what was likely to be a very upsetting experience (the course was on pass/fail, so my GPA has been salvaged). I'll try and retake it in the fall.

    By the way, the bat holder is called a "Batboy" (or, possibly Batgirl). Another, similar career is being a "Water Boy" (it is what it sounds like).

    Good luck!

  2. joeeeee vc eh mt criativoo affffffff chega da raivaa kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk brincadeirinha!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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