Eighties Idols

So, what happened with Daniel-San, Mr. Miyagi, Nill from the Domino group and Allan Frank from the Polegar band? Maybe on a parallel universe the time would had been more generous to some of those idols from the 80's:
Afonso Nigro (Domino Group): The guy had aged physically (of course), but still thinks that he's still a teenager and appear sometimes on those trash parties from the 80's for the delight of those whose think that to be trash is to be cool.

Marcos (Domino Group): He got a little fatter and became a business man. He wouldn't be nice singing and dancing on 80's parties. Good for him that became a business man.

Nill (Domino Group): Look that, he became a priest! This breaks my theory that only thieves, murderers and crooks become evangelic priests. Ex-boybander also does!

Marcelo (Domino Group): The entire team of the CyberCCnuts looked for him for days and days of hard investigation, but no success. The guy simply disappeared. The legend tells that he's now a ninja living on the North of Japan in the highest mountain. Another theory is that he's an obstetric doctor. Who knows...

Rafael (Polegar Group): The main component of the band after had been abandoned - people say - by his "stepfather" Gugu Liberato, given himself to the drugs and nowadays you can find him under the bridges, disturbing the peace somewhere or inside some clinic for drug dependants. Some people say that he even had a little participation on Lord of the Ring as Smeagol!

Allan (Polegar Group): That's it, following the example of Marcos from the Domino, he left behind this thing of eternal "Polegar" and today he's a doctor. Thumbs up for him!

Alex Gill (Polegar Group): And he, following the line of things that didn't worked decided to work as a producer. Parties, raves, funerals, sound and illumination you call him.

Ricardo Maia (Polegar Group): He also followed the Afonso's wave and formed a band. The Orkut Band. He should had call Afonso to his band, so he would call the band as "Poleno". "Orkut Band"... What a hell? Some kind of a social network band? Maybe after this someone will bring the "Facebook Band" or "MySpace Band".

And the International people, where are they?

MacGuyiver: The guy that could build a bomb just using a half of a bubble gun and a paper clip couldn't avoid the time. But that's ok, he's even more handsome then when he used to have that ridiculous haircut of 80's metal bands.

Ralph Macchio: Also knew as Daniel Laruso (Daniel-San), after had been being an inspiration for a generation of teenagers to practice karate, today he just has few participation on tv series as Psych.

And we couldn't talk about Daniel-San without Mr. Miyagi. Unfortunately the karate didn't save Mr. Miyagi from death. He died on 2005.

Annie Lennox: Our eternal Eurithymics vocal. But sweet dreams aren't made of this... And who am I to disagree?

Axl Rose: This guy became a little strange. Like a mix of James Hetfield and Lemmy Kilmister. People even are telling that he's being bold. Isn’t it?

As we talked about Axl, who doesn't remember Slash? The guy which inspired all of a generation to play guitar whit that ridiculous Sweet Children Mine guitar solo. If Axel became a little strange, Slash is now looking like the hell doll. His hair is still the same, but the rest...

And to finish the California Governor, Conan the Barbarian (ops, Arnold Schwarzenegger): He changed his sword and machine guns for a pen and a suitcase. The steroids had gone and just remained the loose folds of skin.

So remember my friends: It doesn't matter how much success you make today, one day you'll get old. So do your best to don't become a ridiculous old man. If you don't die before it, work on something that matches with your age. As used to say Cazuza, The time never stops... Just some people stop in the time.


  1. I have always thought that after a certain point acting as if one were still stuck in their twenties is incredibly foolish. I can't honestly say I was ever a Fan of Axl and Slash, no idea why.

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