quinta-feira, 2 de setembro de 2010

Angaro Finca la Celia com Neugebauer

Um Angaro Finca la Celia e um Neugebauer 70%... Essa foi minha primeira experiência de Vinho com Chocolate. Seguindo a orientação de alguns blogs e até mesmo a coluna de Renato Machado na CBN, comprovei que essa combinação pode ser sim, boa. Tudo depende do vinho e do chocolate. A questão é que nós estamos acostumados a chocolates muito doces, sobremesas muito doces. Para fazer uma boa combinação com o vinho, nem um nem outro podem ser demasiadamente doces. Um bom vinho do porto é uma boa escolha, mas fora isso, o chocolate vai muito bem com os vinhos mais secos. Até minha esposa que não é muito chegada a um vinho seco, concordou que o mesmo desce bem mais suave nessa combinação. Esse blog trás algumas boas sugestões de vinhos e chocolates. Como tive apenas uma experiência (quase um virgem!) não tenho muito que sugerir.

An Angaro Finca la Celia and a Neugebauer 70%... That was my first Wine & Chocolate experience. Following the tips from some blogs and also the Renato Machado Column at CBN, I had proved that this combination can have a good taste. All depends on the wine and the chocolate. The question is that we, brazilians, are accustomed to very sweet chocolates and deserves. To have a good combination between both, none can be too sweet. A good Portuguese Port Wines a good choice, and apart that the chocolate also goes very nice with a strong dry wine. Even my wife that doesn't like those dry wines agreed that the wine is swallowed softly in this combination. As I had only this experience (almost a virgin) I haven't too much to suggest, but this blog brings good suggestions on chocolates and wines!

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  1. And even now I'm not sure if I've made the right choice. Here you have to deal with about 2 years worth of "general education" requirements before you pick a major, and even a major might not mean a career. 17 is too young though. Here you can get around with putting it off until you're 20, 21. I just want my B.A. by the time I turn 24. That is all I ask. And I want to have no regrets about my choice because I don't want to have to go back and do it all again, I want some direction for Gods sake.

    I don't drink wine. But yesterday while I was on campus I saw a lewd poster that said "one cocktail, 2 cocktail, 3 cocktail, floor". It was a whole poster of recipes for them. I went home and told my mother, who immediately admonished me and told me that cocktails are strong stuff. I also saw one that said "beer, its the reason I get up every afternoon". Maybe I am better off keeping myself somewhat separate from these people. I am looking forward to some grape juice at the county fair tomorrow. If it were allowed to ferment, it would become a Merlot.

    I'm glad you are back from your illnesses. I gad dehydration yesterday and tomorrow we are expecting a hurricane. Fortunately I can swim.


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