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Atualizando meu repertório selecionei a música Aquarela para tocar. Claro, vou começar com uma versão bem simplificada da música, tipo, G - C - D, para o primeiro refrão, para a parte do pinguinho pode começar com Em - C - F. Ai vem o "Vai voando..." com G - B - Em - A - D7.
Bem básico, mas o que me motivou a escrever sobre a música foi a simples lembrança de uma propaganda lá de 1983, da Faber-Castell:

sinceramente eu nem lembrava que havia essa outra versão de 1995:

E muito menos que existia uma versão oficial do clipe da música =)

Isso é o fato que existem imagens, músicas, coisas que a publicidade cria, que entranham de tal forma na nossa mente, criando uma identidade própria, quase que vivas. Marcas que vamos carregar ao longo de nossa vida.
Quando escuto Aquarela, fatalmente me lembro da Faber-Castell =P

Watercolor (or something...)
Updating my repertoire I chose the song Aquarela (Watercolor) to play. Sure, I'll start with a very basic version, like starting with G - C - D, for the first chorus, to the part of the "little drop" we'll start playing Em - C - F. Then comes the "Go flying..." with G - B - Em - A - D7.
Very simple, but what motivated me to write about the song was the simple memory of a tv advertising from 1983, of the Faber-Castell (Watch the first video above).
Honestly I didn't remember that was another version on 1995 (second video above). And neither the official version of the video music (third video) =P
This proves that are images, songs and things that the advertising industry creates, which get inside our minds on a such way as they have their own identity, almost alive things. Brands we'll carry for all of our lives.
When I hear the Aquarela song, fatally I remember the Faber-Castell =P
I tried to transcribe the song lyrics to english (and further for French):

Into a usual paper sheet I draw a yellow sun /
And with five or six lines is easy to do a castle /
With a pencil around the hand I give myself a glove /
And if I do the rain with two lines I have an umbrella /

If a drop of ink fall down on a little blue piece of the paper /
Suddenly I imagine a beautiful seagull flying in the skies...

Go flying, surrounding the great curve, North - South /
I go with her, traveling Hawaii, Beijing or Istanbul /
I paint a white sailboat sailing, it's so much sky and sea /
On a blue kiss /

Between the clouds is coming a beautiful plane pink and garnet /
Everything around coloring with its flashing lights /
You just need to imagine and it goes leaving /
Serene, pretty, and if we want... It'll land.

Into a usual paper sheet I draw a ship leaving /
With some good friends, drinking the good life /
From an America to another I can cross on a second /
I spin a simple compass and on a second I do the world /

A little boy walks, and walking he arrives on the wall /
And just in front, waiting for us, the future is there /

And the future is a space ship which we try to pilot /
With no time or mercy, neither time to arrive /
With no excuses change our lives and then invite us to laugh or cry /

On this road isn't up to us, to know or see what is coming /
Its end nobody knows for sure where will lead /
Let's go all on a beautiful catwalk, of a watercolor that finally someday /
Will discolor...

Into a usual paper sheet I draw a yellow sun (That will discolor) /
And with five or six lines is easy to do a castle (That will discolor)/
I spin a simple compass and on a second I do the world (That will discolor...)/


  1. Funny you should talk about art. I've been oil painting all afternoon.


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