A Política é Gay!

"O Senado argentino aprovou uma proposta de lei que legaliza o casamento gay na manhã desta última quinta-feira, o que abre caminho para que o país se torne o primeiro da América do Sul a permitir o casamento entre pessoas do mesmo sexo.". Nesse aspecto não faço questão nenhuma de sair atrás da Argentina. E vários outros lugares do mundo estão com esse tipo de projeto na ponta do lápis, criados pela galerinha "liberal", como Ed Miliband do Parlamento Inglês. Pelo menos sua área é Energia e Mudanças Climáticas. Segundo ele a Inglaterra ainda adota alguns modelos de políticas muito draconianas. Alguém ainda preza pelo bom costume.

Nada contra sabe, mas também nada a favor! Sou! Sou retrógrado, cafuçú, o que seja. Respeito, mas não aceito! E querem me obrigar a aceitar também? Por que tenho que respeitar e ninguém pode me respeitar? Não falta muito para muitos outros países (inclusive o nosso) aprovarem essas leis. Quem sabe até um dia sermos nós a sofrermos discriminações e "heterofobia". A Argentina já tinha o Maradona e agora isso pra completar. Sei que vai ter muito neguinho viajando pra Argentina agora...

"The Argentine Senate endorsed the gay marriages law last Tuesday, which open the door to the country being the first at South America to aloud the marriage between people of the same sex.". On this aspect I don't mind, even a little, to stay at a second place, behind the Argentine. And many other countries are also with this kind of project on the trigger, created by the "People of Liberty", as Mr. Ed Miliband, England Parliament. At least his area is Energy and Climate Changes. According to him, England still have a politic model too draconian. So what? This means that someone still likes the morality.

You know, I have nothing against, but I'm neither approve it! Yes, I'm a retrograde, old-fashioned, brute, whatever. I respect, but don't accept. And they want me to accept it forced? Why should I respect and can't be respected either? It's my opinion. Soon I guess that other countries (including us) will also endorse this law. Maybe even one day we'll be also discriminated as "heterophobics". Argentine which already had Maradona, now with this. I just know that must be many people now going travel to Argentine...


  1. We have same sex marriage in Connecticut; really I haven't noticed anything different.

    The thing is, running on the field might have gotten- I mean would have gotten me arrested and I don't have bail money, I spent it all on oil paints. It was worth it, that cadmium red is so bright...Rembrandt paints are the best I have ever owned. Anyway, security is very tight there. One time there was a rain delay and a man decided to slide on the tarp. It was the most fun we had gotten so far that night and they still hauled him off to jail:-( That was years ago though, back when I actually felt welcome at that park.


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