E lá vai longe minha restituição...

Segunda foi liberado o quinto lote de restituíção do IRPF 2009 e como sempre a minha restituíção ficou para o Sexto e último lote :/ Claro, existe a parte bacana disso que é a correção com juros de 4,5% , mas ainda assim esse dinheiro teria sido bem-vindo antes. Melhor ainda foi a notícia de que o governo talvez atrase a entrega do último lote, pois está sem dinheiro no caixa! Com isso eu só receberei o dinheirinho lá pelo primeiro trimestre de 2010. Show...

Last Monday was released the fifth restitution piece of the 2009 government tax, and as usual mine will be just released at the sixth and last piece :/ Let me give you a brief explanation in what I'm talking about.
Here, a part of our salaries is retained by the government as a part of the taxes payment. At April to May, nearly, we feed a form (in fact this form is a program from the government) which will calculate our taxes to be paid. We also have a series of things to be took out from the value to be paid, like health care expenses, study expenses, children expenses, etc. As the government still don't know how much we will debit from the value at the time when its taking its part from our salary, most of the time it must give us back the over paid money before the feed and send the taxes form.
So, continuing, the good thing about the late in giving back my over paid taxes, is the value increase of nearly 4,5% (because of the time that the money has been stopped), but still that, that money would be welcome for me :(
But it doesn't stop here! Today I had the notice that the government might late even more the release of the sixth (and mine) piece, because its out of money into its cash! So, I probably will get my money near the third trimester of 2010... Great to me :-/


  1. but the longer they keep it the more you eventually get, right? Just be thankful that you have never dealt with the IRS up here. Read the Bill Bryson essay,"Your Tax From Explained".


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