Trabalho Técnico

Times grandes sobem e times grandes caem. O campeonato brasileiro vai chegando ao fim, mas já dá pra prever a subida do Vasco para para a Série A e a queda do Glorioso Sport para a Série B... Resultado do trabalho de seus técnicos!

Ouvindo Queen (Flick of the Wrist)

Great teams goes up and great teams does down. The Brazilian Championship is getting to its end, but we already can predict the Vasco upgrade to the A Series and the Glorious Sport downgrade to the B Series... The coach work results!

Hearing Queen (Flick of the Wrist)


  1. The Postseason for baseball is coming up,and Lester, Beckett, Matsuzaka, and possibly Buchholz are looking good- what am I saying, Buchholz looks like an evil lizard.


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