Sem paixão... Sem Vontade...

Com a derrota de ontem o Sport consolidou definitivamente sua passagem para a série B no próximo ano. Só resta agora a questão sem resposta que ficou na cabeça dos torcedores: "O time é praticamente o mesmo que ganhou a Copa do Brasil e foi para Libertadores... O que houve?"
Particularmente avalio a má atuação e baixo rendimento do time no campeonato como um protesto dos jogadores para com a comissão técnica e a diretoria do clube. Vê-se claramente que estão jogando sem paixão, sem vontade.
Porém isso serve para mostrar que não são apenas os tricolores que são apaixonados pelo seu time!

The yesterday defeat of the Sport just definitely confirmed its passage to the B Serie next year. Just one question remains on the fans mind: "The team is almost the same which won the Brazil Cup and got into the South American Cup... What happened?"
Particularly I evaluate this bad performance and the low engagement of the team as some kind of protest from the players against the technical committee and the club directory. It's clear that the players are gaming without passion.
Indeed this shows that not only the Santa Cruz fans are passionate for their team!


  1. Red Sox ahead in the race for the wild card, but where has their offense been? Are you looking forward to the World Cup next year? I went to a high school where we were allowed to watch it in class, we even had updates during an assembly. Kind of odd for an American School. Or do you think the World Cup is a scam? Red Sox fans are passionate to the point of being run over by equally passionate Yankees fans and spending a small fortune on T Shirts.

    Hoping to post tomorrow.


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