Ok... O som é ruim, o cenário pior ainda, o tocador é horrível... Sim, errei algumas notas, pois estou um pouco enferrujado. Na verdade eu queria ter cantado essa música em Francês, mas não tive tempo pra ensaiar =P

Ok... The sound is bad, the scenery even worst and the player is terrible... Yes, I had wrong some chords, because I'm a little without practice. In fact I wish to have played this song in French, but didn't have time to practice... =P


You are divine and gracious, majestic statue
Of love, by God sculptured
And created with ardor
From the soul of the prettier flower, of the most active smell
That in life is the favorite of the hummingbird.

If God could be for me so clement here in this ambient
Of light, created into a frame, beautiful and flaring
My heart, together with yours speared
Nailed and crucified under the Rose Cross of yours panting chest

You are the ideal form, magisterial statue
Oh perennial soul of my first love, sublime love
You are the God's sovereign flower
You are the God creation
Which in every heart sepulcher a love
The smile, the faith, the pain in aromatic sandal fuelled of flavor
In so grievous voices like a dream in flowers
You're Milcky star, you're Royal mother
You're at least everything beautiful
In all splendor of the Saint Nature

Forgive me if I dare confess you, I will always love you
Oh flower, my chest can't resist
Oh my God how sad is it
The incertitude of a love that more makes me pain in wait
To conduct you to marry at the altar
Swear at Omnipotent feet in touching prayers
Of pain, and receive the unction of your gratitude
And after I will redeem my desires into clouds of kisses
I'll involve you until my death in all my wilt.


  1. If you think you have musical problems, you should have seen me when I was a 14 year old trying out the saxophone.

    Hearing Iron Maiden, Run to the Hills.

  2. You reminded me Lisa Simpson =P
    Run to the hills... Run for your lives!


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