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Na cidade onde nasci, a que eu passava sempre as férias de julho, existia um coreto no meio da praça. Era um local de encontro para os jovens casais, onde as crianças brincavam correndo, os jovens se reuniam lá para tocar serestas e em época de festa, a praça toda enfeitada, havia até uma bandinha que tocava lá.
Não vejo mais esse tipo de tradição hoje em dia. Realmente faz tempo que eu vi um Coreto funcionando como deveria. Nem em cidadezinhas de interior as pessoas tem mais isso. Coreto agora só em filme americano.
Hoje não existem mais bandinhas para tocar. Os casais não namoram mais no coreto. As crianças não brincam mais correndo pela praça. Os jovens que hoje se encontram lá, o fazem para se drogarem. O coreto ainda existe, mas perdeu seu significado.


In the city where I was born, where I used to spend my summer vocations, there was a bandstand at the middle of one of the city squares. There was a place where younger couples had dating, where kids used to play, running around it, some younger used to met there to play music and in the celebration seasons, the square all ornamented, there was even a little band which played there.
I can't see this kind of thing anymore, this traditional thing. Really... Has been a long time that I saw an in use bandstand (at least, how it should be used). Even in the little countryside cities we can't find it. Bandstands only at American movies now, where I believe it still works.
Today there are no more music bands to play. The couples don't date at bandstands anymore. The kids aren't playing and running around it. And younger ones which met there today are for drugs.

The bandstand still exists... But had lost its meaning.


  1. Follow my blog. Absolutely!

    We used to have a swimming area in my town. Everyone would go there for a dip on the hot summer days. Then they stopped maintaining it and started to spend money on attracting tourists. It is now the canvas for some of the most amusing graffiti I have ever seen (the water tower up the hill takes the cake though), as well as a perching place for waterfowl. The mayor and the town council spent hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to promote himself and attract to his and his associates business, including, ironically enough, a stage that he had built even after the town voted it down. All hail the all mighty tourist dollar. the mayor like to pat himself on the back for it, but to me it has no real meaning.

  2. I think I know what you mean... It's like he doesn't care about the citizens needs. He does the things for himself, not for the city. Doing for people which are there just for visit the city. Wouldn't make sense for me too :P


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