And shes buying a stairway to heaven...

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Existiram igrejas e templos que vendiam "passagens" para o paraíso e "caminhos" para salvação. Vendiam aproveitando-se da fé e ingenuídade de seus próprios fiéis. Ingenuídade das pessoas que acreditavam que tudo que reluzia era ouro.
A Igreja Católica, por exemplo, o fez na Idade Média, com a cobrança forçada de dízimos e nas Cruzadas oferecendo o perdão de todos os pecados para quem se juntasse a causa.
A Igreja Universal veio resgatar esses costumes da Idade das Trevas, cobrando 10% do salário de seus fiéis como dízimo e vendendo pedacinhos do céu e caminhos para salação. O pior é saber que muitas dessas pessoas, que são de origem humilde, ganham apenas um salário mínimo e vivem com grande sacrifíco. Dão parte de seus salários para garantirem sua vaga no Reino Divino.

Em 1970 Jimmy Page começou a compor Stairway to Heaven que, apesar de ser citada como uma das canções com maior número de "mensagens invertidas" e apologias ao satanismo já escritas, trás também em sua letra mensagens que lembram, e criticam, essas práticas de dízimos e salvação (ninguém sabe se propositalmente ou não).

Assim começa Stairway to Heaven do Led...
"Há uma senhora que acredita
Que tudo o que brilha é ouro
E ela está comprando uma escadaria para o paraíso..."


There was some churches and temples that used to sell "tickets" and "paths" to salvation. They sold it taking advantage on the ingenuousness of their own faithful. Ingenuousness from the people that believes that "all that glitters is gold".
The Catholic Church, for example, did the same at the Middle Age, charging its forced taxes and on the Crusades, offering salvation and all sins forgiveness, for those who join the campaign.
The Universal Church came to rescue those old Dark Age practices, charging 10% of their faithful salary as a tax and selling a "piece" from the heaven, as a path to their salvation. The worst thing is to know that those people, at most, are very humble, poor, getting a payment just for survive, with a big sacrifice. So, they still give a part of they salary to grantee their place on the Heavens.

In 1970 Jimmy Page started to write "Stairway to Heaven" that, in spite of being quoted as one of the songs with more Backmasking and satanic messages ever wrote, it also brings some messages that reminds, and critics, those taxes practices (I don't know if was deliberately or not).

And that's begins Stairway to Heaven, from Led Zeppelin:
"There's a lady who's sure
All that glitters is gold
And shes buying a stairway to heaven..."


  1. That is why my mother left the Catholic Church. Not only does it constantly act like a lobbying group in this country, it is also well known that you can get ANY kind of indulgence, still, if you have enough money or influence. Just look at the Kennedy's. Not the other churches are immune to this.

    I never knew that about the song stairway to heaven, but then again I never pay too much attention to this stuff.

    What mail? I have no mail other than junk mail asking me to to buy useless nonsense. I don't know about the Cheetos. Has food gotten that expensive? In that case I suppose I'll be living on kale for the next few years until the prices go down.

  2. Oh, and over here, players get promoted and demoted, not teams.

  3. Mentira??? Não tem como comprar o lugar não??? E agora...? Gastei 5 mil reais, e pensei que tava garantido...Nao bebo mais.....

  4. Fred, é melhor voltar a beber...kkkk

  5. Dear Meg, I not quite sure but I have the impression that in US people who believe in these things voted in the Republicans, I mean because of people like Sarah Palin, instead of Democrats. Particularly, I believe the origin of the Republicans ideas came from this kind of beliefs. What do you thing about? Mr. digital coconut you can give your opinion. See ya.

  6. Dear Bambino, first I would like to tell you that "digital" will be my fingers print on your face! It's "Cybernetic" from Cyber! Honestly I'm not so familiarized with the beliefs and ideals of the Republicans. But if you were talking about the way as they found their selves moralists and pure, deserving all be in heavens, yes, I do agree with you. In fact I found that Republicans follow more a moralist way then believe in can buy (with money) their salvation (focus of the original post). Something like, they assume a hypocrite posture, showing how they are pure and correct to the society, being the opposite inside their homes. They find their selves in the right to critic everything and everybody. By the moralist way, yes, the Universal Church followers are similar to the Republicans. Apart the Republicans are not so innocent to believe that they can really buy with money a piece of heaven :P


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