Minoria com Complexo de Maioria

Ok... Eu sei, pólitica novamente, mas o fato de ontem não podia passar em branco. O Senando, não satisfeito em tentar censurar revistas e jornais, agora tenta a censura de indivíduos, de pessoas presentes as sessões - que é de direito do cidadão poder participar como mero expectador da casa.

I know… politics again! But the yesterday facts deserved a post! Those congresses shame me to death! Not satisfied in try to censure newspapers and magazines (and blogs), now they try to block, censure, people! Citizens which has the right to be at Honor Tribune watching the parliamentary sessions.

- (Mr. Tasso Jereissati) There are manifestations of some people here on this Honor Tribune, I would like to ask you to take off this Mr., that's doing constant manifestations, from this place! Because it's not according with our regiment.

(A lot of people trying to talk at same time)

- (Mr. Renan Calheiros) In what Mr. Tasso Jereissati told, those crises occur due this! It's the minor with major complex! He wants to put out now, a citizen here which is participating of this session, that is, unfortunately, an historical session of this Senate.

- (Mr. Tasso) Mr. President! A person which is participating of the Honor Tribune can't keep doing a joke like this! (Note from author: I still don't know what this joke was). I'm sorry Senator Renan Calheiros!
Mr. Renan, don't point out this dirty finger to me! Don't point out this dirty finger to me!

- (Mr. Renan) The dirty finger, unfortunately, is that of your Excellence! There are the fingers of the jets that the Senate paid for you!

- (Mr. Tasso) At least was my money! The jet is mine! Not the one that you take from yours contractors!

- (Mr. Renan) Is it your money?

- (Mr. Tasso) The money is mine! Is mine! Is mine! (Note from author: Ok, this is more like a song :P ) Is MINE and I have money to pay! Ok?!?!?!

- (Mr. Renan talks something that I can't understand because they cut his microphone out) :)

- (Mr. Tasso) Me Coronel? Cangaceiro? (Note from author: Cangaceiro is a typical character, outlaw, from Brazilian Sertão - at Norwest Region - like the Western Cowboys). Cangaceiro of third category! (Renan said something again) What you said? Repeat!!! Repeat what you told there! I ask for a Parliamentary Decorum! Repeat what you said!

- (Mr. Renan) You're a Coronel of nothing!

- (Mr. Tasso) Repeat what you told there! (and keeps asking this)

- (Mr. Renan) You're the minor with a major complex! You're the minor with major complex!

- (Mr. Tasso) You know something? Respect me! Respect me!

- (Now Mr. Sarney try to play some or another ring to try to put some order. He seems lost :P )

- (Mr. Tasso) Mr. President! Mr. President! Mr. Renan Calheiros has just broken the parliamentary decorum throwing me vulgar words. I ask a representation to be made about it!

- (Mr. Renan) Mr. Presindent, I beg your forgiven and I ask you to remove from this today session the "minor with a major complex" is a parliamentary decorum lack.

- (Mr. Sarney) The session is suspended for two minutes!

(Well... those politics shame me... tsc tsc tsc)


  1. No, please, explain soccer to me. I nearly did it as a sport in high school, but the girls on the team were the type that makes fun of you until you cry, so I did long distance running instead.

  2. Well, I got now why you hate soccer. I thought that those stupid stereotype people (those girls) just existed on movies. Unfortunately they're real :P
    Funny that last month I was hearing again the Nevermind album, from Nirvana, and almost all songs are about this (I mean, the popular from school and how they think to be some kind of supreme being over the Earth). I'm still preparing a post about the album Nevermind.
    Explain soccer to you is the same as if I had ask you to explain baseball for me. I mean, I grew watching soccer games, cheering for a team, etc. Same as you with baseball there. We're a nation of soccer lovers, as yours are of baseball.
    Well, I don't know if I was clear. Just arrived from traveling and I'm so tired :(
    See you later... chers


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